sábado, 10 de agosto de 2013

 As a Cat tea lover...this two new items are obvious and...delicious!:P
Here are my two NEW CREATIONS:

Sweet Dreams are Made of This
Relaxing Tea
Ingredients:Lavender, Valeriana and Chamomile

Lets Get Physicat
Energy Boost Tea
Ingredients: Goji Berries,Green Tea,Pennywort,Lemon,Red fruits,Rooibos,Ginger,Cinnamon,Cardamom,Nuts,Black Tea,Black&White Pepper,Orange.

After drinking it, you can also use those tea bags directly on your face OR just empty the contents into a small cup and add a little honey to make it into a paste.Then, apply it on your face for ten minutes and rinse it off!Its lovely to refresh and heal!

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