segunda-feira, 30 de dezembro de 2013

Have a mewy new year from The Cat!

So, New  2014 Year is almost coming by!
As usual, we made some firm resolutions for the next year...what about you?

Anyway, whatever your new year resolutions are, The Cat is Organic wishes you a very 

Happy New Year!!

quarta-feira, 4 de dezembro de 2013

Evento Body N´Soul

O evento Body N´Soul que decorreu no passado Domingo no Jazzy Club em Lisboa foi um verdadeiro sucesso!O The Cat is Organic esteve presente e veio de lá totalmente renovado e pronto para enfrentar as temperaturas baixas de Dezembro assim como as infindáveis  compras de Natal! Massagens,  Workshops, Aulas de Yoga e Dança e até um divino concerto aquático...foi uma maravilha! 
Para quem não teve oportunidade de estar presente,  mantenha-se atento/a à página da Body N´Soul

sexta-feira, 29 de novembro de 2013

Evento Body N´Soul

Próximo dia 1 de Dezembro será um dia inesquecível dedicado à Saúde e Bem Estar!
Serão mais de 30 actividades diferentes integrada no evento Body n' Soul (Jazzy Life Club-Estádio da Luz em Lisboa)!

Massagens, Meditação,Coaching,Motivação, Fitoterapia, Regeneração Celular, Nutrição e muito, muito mais!
Conhece o programa completo do evento aqui e inscreve-te!

Nós não vamos faltar! =^..^=

quinta-feira, 21 de novembro de 2013


Hi Catity Cat Cats!

So lately I've been thinking about many things, some of them good, and some of them bad as usual, in fact I came to a resolution. We Cant be always happy, but in fact we can try to forget things that make us sad.

Sometimes it can be really difficult to be happy in some circumstances, but it's on our hands to change those facts, you can't always overthink, overthinking is probably one of the greatest problems everybody has, me included.
Overthinking can give you stress, bad toughs, bad mood and all the other bad related stuff, overthinking can also lead your head to see things that are not there and you just imagined. You'll always see things that doesn't exist if you think to much about something...

I'll give you some tips to forget about your problems and start to live your life more peacefully in some cases.
 1 - STOP (You're the one who's creating most of your problems)
 2 - Go OUT! (Stay home won't do anything)
 3 - Surround by your friends (The same has I mentioned above, stay alone wont do any good)
 4 - Meditation (Relax and stay calm)
 5 - Distract with something that make you happy!
 6 - Don't try to be perfect.
 7 - Move On (I know it might be difficult, but sometimes is the best way to solve problems)

If there's something that is making you overthink or something that make you sad, try to follow one of this steps. It might be has hard has it can get, but you can change it, be happy for your own sake! We don't want any Sad Cats around here. But if you're sad, The Cat Is Organic will be here to help you out.

Cats Unite <3

The Cat is Organic Xtmas Kit Treats

Almost one month to go Xtmas...have you thought about the PRESENTS?

Weeeell,we did and we´ll give you a little paw-help:

quarta-feira, 13 de novembro de 2013

Need to change your life? Begin with your bedroom!!

Hi Catity Cat Cats!!

This week I've been wiling to change somethings in my life, so I've decided to recover an old habit that I used to do whenever I needed to forget something or someone. CHANGE MY BEDROOM!

And this is the advise i'm going to share with you... 
This change is like a major clean up for your room and also your life, get rid of something that's been bothering you and bring fresh air to your room and new horizons to your life. It's really simple, I advise you to prepare it first, think about the new options and ideas. Draw sketches of your new room, bring those curtains you love so much and you forgot you had back, change some pictures, posters, put some decorative candles. It's all up to you.

This is a change that you need to do all by yourself, choose some happy song to guide you and sing it as loud as you can, forget about what the neighbors might think, choose a song that makes you happy even tough it can be kinda embarrassing. :)

In the end, call some of your greatest friends and invite them to your new and reformulated room, they might even not know the difference, but it's there, grab a movie, a fun game and do something together. Enjoy the happiness that your small change brought your and forget about the problems you just left behind.

You need to know that you're the one who's in charge of your life and your bedroom, so step up and change, think positive and be happy!

domingo, 10 de novembro de 2013

RANGOLI, our NEW AYURVEDIC facial line is soon to arrive!

But first and foremost… what is Ayurveda?

Literally, Ayurveda means, "The Science of Life." and its an Hindu system based on old times beliefs and facts of what we consider today alternative to the medicine.This is actually the oldest and most organized system of herbal healing in the world.
The science of Ayurveda is a unique holistic system, based on the interaction of body, mind and spirit. 

The treatment of Ayurveda is based on Indian herbs, which have a healing energy.Herbs have a unique flavor and intoxicating aroma, which contribute to their medicinal quality. 

Ayurveda it is also based on the theory of "Tridosha", somewhat like the "humours" of the Greeks. The three "doshas" represent combinations of the five elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether (or space), giving rise to the three basic constitutions of the human body.

The three "doshas" are Vata (a combination of Air and Ether); Pitta (a combination of Fire and Water) and Kapha (a combination of Earth and Water). The three doshas not only determine individual constitution, but our physical form and other attributes, our mental make-up and even individual metabolic processes. Most constitutions, however, result from the combination of two "doshas", with one being more predominant. All traits and even individual metabolism can be classified under the 3 doshas. However, most of us belong to dual dosha types and have traits of both the doshas, although traits of one dosha may be more prominent.

This Kitty Cat here is a Wild Vata! (wich explains many things...:D)

And what´s yours?
To discover if you are a Vata,Kapha or Pitta dosha, you can try this free online test:

quarta-feira, 6 de novembro de 2013

Lady talking: The Lunette Menstrual Cup

Never heard about it??Well-Well LADIES what have you been missing!!!

The Lunette menstrual cup is a reusable menstrual protection product made in Finland. It is an easy-to-use, safe, and hygienic alternative to pads and tampons. By using the cup, you will help protect the environment, save money, and get peace of mind. Just fold, insert like a tampon and it collects blood rather than absorbs it. You empty it rather than change it — a little bit different.

The Cat  has just tried and he is amazed at how effective it was!
He got his “Clear” model (also available in Purple/“Cynthia”, Green/“Diana”, Yellow /“Lucia”, Blue/“Selene” and Orange/“Áine” ) from Lunette. The cup cames along in a satin-like pouch and offers 2 available sizes.

The “pros” of it are sooooo many that our advice is DO IT, because:

-You'll be cutting down considerably on household waste!

-You'll never have to be embarrassed about the contents of your bathroom trash again!

-It´s far cheaper in the long run, as one of these can last you for 10 years if you take care of it!

-It´s safer, more comfortable, and more sanitary than tampons!

-Won´t leech chemicals& paper fibres into your body like tampons!

-It´s Eco-friendly as there's no paper/plastic/cotton waste!

-Doesn't create a dank/gross smell like pads, as it wont collect/harbor bacteria from outside your body!

- You'll never have to deal again with the stress of running low on "supplies" again!

-A cup holds a quite a lot more fluid than other menstrual products and doesn't need to be tended to near as often, leaking far less if used properly!

-Very easy to use once you get the hang of it!

-Easy to care for: rinse in water after emptying it (or just wipe it down if you're in a public restroom) and boil it for 5-10 minutes after your period is done!

- It needs to be emptied only two to four times a day and can be used overnight!

- It's IUD-compatible as well, which is important for women using that method of birth control!  

- It´s designed for women of all ages and sizes!

It´s just PURRFECT! 
Tampons or pads, Never-Ever again!

In Celeiro or in similar shops.

Check Lunette website for more


Copo Menstrual Lunette?Um copo??Menstrual???Sim!Nunca ouviram falar? Bem MENINAS,trata-se APENAS da grande inovação deste século que veio revolucionar a forma como lidamos com a menstruação!

Fabricado na Finlândia, o copo menstrual Lunette é um produto de protecção menstrual reutilizável, sendo este uma alternativa fácil de usar, segura e higiénica e bastante mais saudável em alternativa aos comuns tampões e pensos!
Este, além de ajudar a proteger o meio ambiente, ajuda também economizar dinheiro e atingir muita paz de espírito!
Para o efeito deverá apenas adquiri-lo (segue mais abaixo o link), dobra-lo (este é bastante flexível), inseri-lo tal como se fosse um tampão e este deverá por sucção colectar o sangue, em vez de absorvê-lo!
Assim,a grande diferença é que ao contrário do tampão, ao invés de o mudar,deverá apenas esvazia-lo e reutiliza-lo novamente!
No final do ciclo deverá fervê-lo,guarda-lo  religiosamente no seu saquinho de cetim colorido (vendido juntamente com o copo), e esperar descontraidamente pelo mês seguinte!

O The Cat is Organic já experimentou e ficou absolutamente maravilhado com a sua eficácia e conforto!O modelo usado foi o "Clear"  da Lunette (disponível em Além da cor transparente, existem outras  cores disponíveis: Roxo / "Cynthia", Verde / "Diana", Amarelo / "Lucia", Azul / "Selene" e Laranja / "Áine".Estes modelos são vendidos em dois tamanhos, e para o seu transporte fazem-se ainda acompanhar pela referida adorável e colorida bolsinha de cetim!

Mas afinal o que torna este copo tão especial e indubitavelmente preterível aos vulgares  meios de protecção menstrual?

-Reduzem consideravelmente o nosso lixo doméstico!
-Nunca mais necessitará de esconder o conteúdo do lixo da casa de banho!
- É muito mais barato pois a longo prazo,  cada copo, se bem cuidado,poderá durar até 10 anos!
- É mais seguro , mais confortável e mais higiénico do que tampões e os pensos!
-Não contém produtos químicos nem fibras de papel prejudiciais para o seu corpo!
- É Eco-Friendly pois não contém desperdícios como papel, plástico ou algodão!
-Não estando o deposito em contacto com a pele, não gera “aquele” cheiro nem aloja bactérias no seu interior que em contacto com a pele se tornam prejudiciais (como será o caso dos tampões!)
- Nunca mais terá que ir a correr de urgência para o supermercado mais próximo comprar tampões ou pensos!(ufffa)
-O copo se usado correctamente, aloja bastante mais fluido do que outros produtos menstruais e podem ser mudados com menos frequência que os demais ! Além disso, dão azo a menos acidentes!
- Quando apanha o jeito,é muito fácil de usar!
- É de fácil manutenção:basta apenas passar por água depois de esvaziá-lo duas a quatro vezes por dia(ou limpa-lo, se estiver numa casa de banho pública) e no final do período, fervê-lo por 5-10 minutos!
- Pode ser utilizado confortavelmente durante a noite!
- É compatível com o DIU!
- Foi idealizado para mulheres de todas as idades e tamanhos!

Em suma, não poderia ser mais é mais perfeito!
O The Cat is Organic está super fã e espera que as nossas gatinhas-leitoras também!

Para mais informações, visitem a página da
E tal como referido anteriormente, pode encontra-lo no site da Pegada Verde,
no  Celeiro ou em lojas semelhantes.