quarta-feira, 13 de novembro de 2013

Need to change your life? Begin with your bedroom!!

Hi Catity Cat Cats!!

This week I've been wiling to change somethings in my life, so I've decided to recover an old habit that I used to do whenever I needed to forget something or someone. CHANGE MY BEDROOM!

And this is the advise i'm going to share with you... 
This change is like a major clean up for your room and also your life, get rid of something that's been bothering you and bring fresh air to your room and new horizons to your life. It's really simple, I advise you to prepare it first, think about the new options and ideas. Draw sketches of your new room, bring those curtains you love so much and you forgot you had back, change some pictures, posters, put some decorative candles. It's all up to you.

This is a change that you need to do all by yourself, choose some happy song to guide you and sing it as loud as you can, forget about what the neighbors might think, choose a song that makes you happy even tough it can be kinda embarrassing. :)

In the end, call some of your greatest friends and invite them to your new and reformulated room, they might even not know the difference, but it's there, grab a movie, a fun game and do something together. Enjoy the happiness that your small change brought your and forget about the problems you just left behind.

You need to know that you're the one who's in charge of your life and your bedroom, so step up and change, think positive and be happy!

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