quinta-feira, 21 de novembro de 2013


Hi Catity Cat Cats!

So lately I've been thinking about many things, some of them good, and some of them bad as usual, in fact I came to a resolution. We Cant be always happy, but in fact we can try to forget things that make us sad.

Sometimes it can be really difficult to be happy in some circumstances, but it's on our hands to change those facts, you can't always overthink, overthinking is probably one of the greatest problems everybody has, me included.
Overthinking can give you stress, bad toughs, bad mood and all the other bad related stuff, overthinking can also lead your head to see things that are not there and you just imagined. You'll always see things that doesn't exist if you think to much about something...

I'll give you some tips to forget about your problems and start to live your life more peacefully in some cases.
 1 - STOP (You're the one who's creating most of your problems)
 2 - Go OUT! (Stay home won't do anything)
 3 - Surround by your friends (The same has I mentioned above, stay alone wont do any good)
 4 - Meditation (Relax and stay calm)
 5 - Distract with something that make you happy!
 6 - Don't try to be perfect.
 7 - Move On (I know it might be difficult, but sometimes is the best way to solve problems)

If there's something that is making you overthink or something that make you sad, try to follow one of this steps. It might be has hard has it can get, but you can change it, be happy for your own sake! We don't want any Sad Cats around here. But if you're sad, The Cat Is Organic will be here to help you out.

Cats Unite <3

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