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The Cat is Healhy - Morning Snack

Hi Catity Cat Cats,

Choosing whatever you want to eat before lunch but after breakfast, in mid-morning might seem like a hard task when you want to stay healthy, and avoid unnecessary sugar or other not so interesting ingredients that are present in most of those ready-made products.

So here is a suggestion for our Cats, a fresh Fruit Smoothie! <3

What you'll need:
- Natural Yogurt
- A Fresh or Frozen Fruit in slices
- Sugar (Optional, preferably without none)
- Ice or cold juice.

Choose a natural yogurt at your choice, you can use which brand you like the most, even if it is reduced-fat. Yogurt is a wonderful source of vitamins and minerals!
Then, choose a fruit you like the most, it can be blueberries, bananas, strawberries, grapes, peach,among many others. Just choose the one you like the most. 

Add, ice cubes or cold juice to your combination to have a freshness boost in your cup. 

Sugar or other sweetener is optional. So choose whether to use it or not
To finish you just need to blend all your ingredients together.

P.S. You can also add a little bit of Oats to your smoothie, just a little bit. It'll taste amazingly good and will give texture to your smoothie.

P.S. If you choose to create a peach smoothie, add a small leave of Parsley. Yummy!

Stay healthy, stay Cat <3

Fashion Revolution Day 24.04.2014:International day of action aiming to change the fashion industry

The action day that has been created in memorial to the Rana Plaza tragedy in Dhaka, Bangladesh encourages people to start asking 'who made my clothes?'. Fashion Revolution Day has been initiated to create human connections throughout the supply chain. It focuses not only on the textile industry in Asia but also on cotton producers in other regions e.g. in Africa.
Under the slogan ,"Who made your clothes?" we do not only approach the catastrophic working conditions in the producing countries. We simoultaneously want to show alternatives and positive examples. Because we know that fashion can also be produced in accordance with human beings and nature,“ explains Carina Bischof, Upcycling Fashion Store Berlin and member of the German committee of Fashion Revolution Day. For the first Fashion Revolution Day, people worldwide are asked to wear their clothes inside out in order to change the way they look at the clothes they wear.

Who made your clothes? Be curious. Find out. Do something about it. #insideout

We need to become more curious about how our clothes are made and who made them. 

Look at the labels on your clothes. Where is it from? Who made it?
Get in contact with brands and ask them ‘Who Made Your Clothes‘, to discover the real people throughout the supply chain. 
We want hundreds of thousands of people to take part! Together we can use the power of fashion to catalyse change and reconnect the broken links in the supply chain. In order to raise awareness within the fashion industry and beyond, we want to encourage them to continue to try and make things better.

Watch this moving film of Muhmuda who was working in #RanaPlaza on 24th April the day the factory collapsed.

quarta-feira, 16 de abril de 2014

And just because dreams SHOULD BE taken seriously...´s my (reasonable) bucket list of 36 things to do before....everyone else!;)
This means that flying to Mars or the Moon,unfortunately, doesn't count...or am i just being little ambitious?Ah!

I know,i know,its full of clichés but...does anyone wishes to beekeep 10000000000000000000000000000 
of angry bees (not birds,excuse me) with me??
humm hummm.guess not :D

And to prove i was am REALLY serious about this,i had even created a new blog 
where i will post some planning* notes on how to achieve this 36 "buckets" one-by-one!:
So,wish me luck!

  *yes,i have an obsessive-Compulsive disorder with "planning"

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The Cat is Social - Pinterest

Hi Catity Cat Cats!

Lately we've been discussing new orientations in social network platforms here at The Cat is Organic, and we decided to share with you a bit of our ideas with these platforms has an extension of our work. The first one will be Pinterest?

If you don't know what Pinterest is a tool for you to collect ideas for your interests, you create a board and the you pin images, gif's or videos to that board so you can check them out later everytime you need and everywhere because Pinterest is available almost everywhere, from web to smartphones and tablets.

So, this is why we love Pinterest because we can share our ideas with you trough a gazillion of images! We have panels to inspire our labels, our products and healthy habits and a lot more!

So would you kindly take a look at our Pinterest Page?? 

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Guia Verde Ediçao de Abril!

PT| E em Abril...Notícias Mil!
Estreamos hoje a nossa nova Newsletter/Guia Mensal sobre Consumo Ético e Ecológico de Roupa, Sapatos, Acessórios, Beleza, Novas Tecnologias, Design etc. tudo para se tornar uma verdadeira "rainha do Eco-Chic"!

Aceitamos sugestões e apreciamos feedback!=^..^=
Se a quiser receber mensalmente na sua caixa de correio, enviar email para com assunto: "Newsletter"

domingo, 30 de março de 2014