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Guia Verde Ediçao de Abril!

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domingo, 30 de março de 2014

segunda-feira, 24 de março de 2014

Healthy Morning Snack

Hello Catity Cats!

Today I've brought to you a fast, delicious and healthy recipe to start the day full of energy and ready to conquer the world outside! 

So let's face it, in the morning any extra five minutes in bed feels like heaven. So you can't waste time preparing enormous breakfast dishes. Here is the first of a series of suggestions from The Cat Is Organic!

Natural Yogurt mixed with granola and strawberries.

What You'll Need:
1 Natural Yogurt
2 Tablespoons of Granola
1  strawberry

Get a small bowl and put the Yogurt in there, slice the strawberry into the mix and also smash some of the slices to give colour to your Yogurt. Add Granola at your will (At least two spoons).
And it's done!

You're ready to face your day! <3

terça-feira, 11 de março de 2014

What are your favourite Cat Products? |Part One - Anthony|

Hello Catity Cat Cats!
I can still remeber very well the first product I bought from The Cat Is Organic, it was long before I could imagine that I'd be working with Cátia Cóias in this wonderful Portuguese brand.

So, the first product that I had the pleasure to try was Flash Eyelash! And I can almost hear you questioning: Why have you bought an Eyelash product Anthony? Well, I didn't bought it to use it on my eyelashes, instead I started using it as an hair product! Yes, that's right, that wonderful translucent liquid can do marvelous things to your hair.

From the beginning now: "Flash Eyelash" is a Thickening Herbal Growth Boosting Serum made with loving care and rich ingredients like fractionated Coconut Oil (which naturally draws out impurities). How could I dare not to love this product? 

How do you use it!? This is my trick...

1 - After shower, grab a little bit of the serum and rub it on your hands.
2 - Apply it on your hair and massage it on your scalp.
3 - Wait 5 minutes before you style it.
4 - Use you habitual styling product and do your magic.

You'll feel that your hair looks healthy, soft and moisturized. It's really an wonderful miracle t my hair. Usually when I use the serum I just left it that way. No more hair gel needed, It'll look good for the day!

quinta-feira, 6 de março de 2014

Color Healing

Did you know?
Various colors of light can be used as therapy for a variety of reasons.  All you have to do is find an image with the color you need and stare at it for a few minutes.  The easiest way to do this is to go to Google images and type in a color, then just select and download the image or images you wish to use.  If you know how to make your own screen saver or slide show, you can do this using several images of the same color.
Enjoy this amazing colour splash!

Clear, bright red can help us achieve vitality, courage and self-confidence.  Be sure not to use a dark, muddy shade, but a clear, bright shade of red.  Gazing at this color may also help when you are anemic or tired and need energy, or when you are cold and have poor blood circulation. 

Bright orange is another color you can use if you need energy.  It is known as a healing color, especially for the physical body.  Orange energy may help you increase your appetite, and it may also help with stomach disorders, skin problems, asthma, or allergies. It can also help calm and steady you when you are nervous.

Physically, there is no such thing as pink light. Pink is actually white light with the green spectrum removed.  However, our brains process this as the shade we call pink.  This color can be seen in the inner worlds and it can be used in color therapy.  The color pink has a calming effect that has been documented, which is why prisons and the locker rooms of the "away team" are painted pink.  This color can help to open our hearts to unconditional love.

Yellow is associated with clarity of thought, logic, efficiency and organization. It helps children to perceive and understand, which makes it a great color for a child's bedroom or an elementary school classroom. Yellow has a powerful effect on the nervous system, and helps the left brain – our creative side – to function.  Yellow may help alleviate sadness.  It can also help with parasites, skin problems, and weight issues.  It is reportedly beneficial when you suffer from ulcers or poor digestion, as it affects the digestive organs: stomach, liver, spleen and gallbladder. Yellow promotes good humor, flexibility, self awareness, self control and keeping personal power. 

Golden light is something that you can see in meditation.  It is said that when the Third Eye opens, you can see golden light.  Try taking a shower or bath in golden light or opening a book on the inner planes that shines with a golden light.  It's no accident that heaven is often described as golden.

Green is another healing color, that is associated with balance and harmony.  It is also the color of love. Visualizing green may help when want to soothe your nerves, or when you need to find peace and harmony.  It is also great for stimulating creativity.  Green can help when you have tension headaches or digestive problems.  It can also help those who suffer from hay fever, ulcers, influenza, malaria , colds, sexual disorders and cancer. It can also help those with various conditions caused by inflammation.  Green preserves and strengthens eyesight, as it is the most restful color for the eyes.

Blue represents the spiritual aspects of our lives, and how we connect with Spirit.  It gives us a sense of calmness, peace, serenity, and beauty.  It's a good color to use when we are suffering from stress.  Blue may help when you have throat problems, when you have trouble sleeping, or when you have suffered a shock.  It also helps with menstrual problems, and with eye, ear, nose and throat problems.  It can be beneficial when you have had a fever. . Blue is associated with reliability, gentleness, kindness, integrity, honesty, loyalty, endurance and commitment. 

The color indigo gives power to the pituitary gland, which is linked to the nervous system, mental abilities, and psychic potential in human beings.  When the pineal gland is stimulated, the Third Eye opens.  The physical eyes and ears are also influenced by indigo.  This color can help when you need to find inner balance, when you have hearing problems, and when you have trouble sleeping.  It can calm the nerves and is beneficial to the lymphatic system.

Violet light connects us with the  Divine.  Violet is helpful in the treatment of nervous and emotional disturbances, arthritis, and acute cases of consumption and insomnia. Violet enhances spiritual power and creativity.  It can help clear an existing situation and help you strengthen your spiritual values.  

quarta-feira, 5 de março de 2014

Red is Forever

Nothing is more feminine than a great set of red lips. No matter what your age, skin tone, or face shape, there is a perfect red lipstick color for everyone...not just for Marilyn!

Its just part of those women feminine classical basics: 
Pearl Necklace+
"That" Little Black Dress+
Kick A* Red Lipstick!

In the last few years we´ve seen a serious uprising popularity of the Red Lipstick, worn by celebrities and anonymous confident-sexy women everywere in the globe.
The so many glamourous red lipped celebrities attending the 2014 Oscars, definitely confirms that this retro glam make up trend is here to stay, don´t you think?

In the red carpet,but also outside,the timless Red Lipstick is always perfect for any do!

There's something about red lipstick that just makes you feel fierce and unstoppable.
And with some high heels...well  it´s "double trouble"!;)

And this is me, "being red lipped" by wonderful make-uper,Tatiana Bonança for the "Trocar as Voltas à Crise" Talk Show

...and some priceless Lipstick vintage ads we adore <3

Meanwhile,meet the Red-lipped Batfish, a not so sexy fish who seems to wear naturally a red lipstick :D
The red-lipped batfish or Galapagos batfish, a fish of unusual morphology found around the Galapagos Islands at depths of 30m or more.Amazing isn´t ?
No Photoshop here!

The Cat is "cooking" something...very sexy, very natural and very yummy...but for this we´ll need a small help of our friend-readers:please help us filling the following questionary,precisely about...lipstick!
It only takes a few seconds!

Mewank you!