quarta-feira, 5 de março de 2014

Red is Forever

Nothing is more feminine than a great set of red lips. No matter what your age, skin tone, or face shape, there is a perfect red lipstick color for everyone...not just for Marilyn!

Its just part of those women feminine classical basics: 
Pearl Necklace+
"That" Little Black Dress+
Kick A* Red Lipstick!

In the last few years we´ve seen a serious uprising popularity of the Red Lipstick, worn by celebrities and anonymous confident-sexy women everywere in the globe.
The so many glamourous red lipped celebrities attending the 2014 Oscars, definitely confirms that this retro glam make up trend is here to stay, don´t you think?

In the red carpet,but also outside,the timless Red Lipstick is always perfect for any do!

There's something about red lipstick that just makes you feel fierce and unstoppable.
And with some high heels...well  it´s "double trouble"!;)

And this is me, "being red lipped" by wonderful make-uper,Tatiana Bonança for the "Trocar as Voltas à Crise" Talk Show http://tvl.pt/2014/02/20/trocar-as-voltas-a-crise-3/...

...and some priceless Lipstick vintage ads we adore <3

Meanwhile,meet the Red-lipped Batfish, a not so sexy fish who seems to wear naturally a red lipstick :D
The red-lipped batfish or Galapagos batfish, a fish of unusual morphology found around the Galapagos Islands at depths of 30m or more.Amazing isn´t ?
No Photoshop here!

The Cat is "cooking" something...very sexy, very natural and very yummy...but for this we´ll need a small help of our friend-readers:please help us filling the following questionary,precisely about...lipstick!
It only takes a few seconds!

Mewank you!

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