terça-feira, 11 de março de 2014

What are your favourite Cat Products? |Part One - Anthony|

Hello Catity Cat Cats!
I can still remeber very well the first product I bought from The Cat Is Organic, it was long before I could imagine that I'd be working with Cátia Cóias in this wonderful Portuguese brand.

So, the first product that I had the pleasure to try was Flash Eyelash! And I can almost hear you questioning: Why have you bought an Eyelash product Anthony? Well, I didn't bought it to use it on my eyelashes, instead I started using it as an hair product! Yes, that's right, that wonderful translucent liquid can do marvelous things to your hair.

From the beginning now: "Flash Eyelash" is a Thickening Herbal Growth Boosting Serum made with loving care and rich ingredients like fractionated Coconut Oil (which naturally draws out impurities). How could I dare not to love this product? 

How do you use it!? This is my trick...

1 - After shower, grab a little bit of the serum and rub it on your hands.
2 - Apply it on your hair and massage it on your scalp.
3 - Wait 5 minutes before you style it.
4 - Use you habitual styling product and do your magic.

You'll feel that your hair looks healthy, soft and moisturized. It's really an wonderful miracle t my hair. Usually when I use the serum I just left it that way. No more hair gel needed, It'll look good for the day!

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