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Sleep Disorders

Did you know that accordingly to the National Sleep Foundation,Sleep Disorders affects milions of people?
As for me, i only have disorders to wake up...it could be called something like  "The Morning Wake Up Disorder" :D
I live close to a very-very busy highway,with a medium of  77dB´s,(really high noise levels for a residential area...above 90 dB´s it can be considered as dangerous!) and that,really does upset me (especially on football match days like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MRDnhHqP7KY...Christ)

Daytime noise levels around Lisbon city

Nocturne noise levels around Lisbon city

So, sometimes i have to call upon this:

1.The Cat is Organic "Reyjkavik" Lavender Body Scrub

2.The Cat is Organic "La La La Bath" Lavender Body Salts

3.The Cat is Organic "Purple Wonder" Lavender Face&Body Solid Moisturizer

4.Sennheiser Headphones

5.Sleeping Mask

6.The Cat is Organic "Sleeping Beauty" Lavender Aromatherapy Essence

7.The Cat is Organic "Sweet Dreams are made of this" Lavender,Chamomile and Valeriana Relax Tea 

For you to  have an ideia of common sounds Noise levels: 
120 dB: Aircraft taking off
110 dB: Loud Rock Music
100 dB: Semi Truck (short term hazard)
90 dB: Jack Hammer
80 dB: Traffic (ocupational limit)
70 dB: Conversation 
60 dB: Background office noise
50 dB: Windmill
30 dB: Quiet bedroom
10 dB: Threshold of hearing
This can also be called Noise Pollution,a scientific&psychological subject that pasisonates me really (ive started a blog about this subject,but it ended up floating in the web,you can  check it though http://jardinsonoros.tumblr.com )
The negative side effects of Noise Polluition are incredilble! They  can cause:
1.Hearing Impairment:  
2.Interference with Spoken Communication
3.The Sleep Disturbances we were talking about
4.Cardiovascular Disturbances (thats right!)
5.Disturbances in Mental Health (Thats´s right!!)
6,Impaired Task Performance

7.Negative Social Behavior and Annoyance Reaction
yikes!Had you ever thought about this?
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