sábado, 29 de junho de 2013

For those lazy ones who have no patient to peel off a fruit piece just like me…

…i´ve learned a new techique of “eating” fruit…simply,drinking it!
So,i become a fruit juice addicted.

It take me app. 20 minutes to go,from selecting the fruit (i basically collect all the veggies and fruit i have at my kitchen:carrots,beetrroot,aloe vera,orange,blueberries,apples,peach,strawberries,tangerines etc.),cut them into small pieces,throw the pieces into the “smashing machine” and finally add some yoghurt to have a smoothie touch…plus 30 second to drink it.
Groahhhh i do this almost every morning,afterwards,i feel like superwomen,for the rest of the day,nothing can go wrong!




(Chinese Aloe Vera!!)

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