sábado, 29 de junho de 2013

Eat or drink your fruit whilst taking care of my skin,turning your fruit "wastes" into a facial mask!!

Reuse Reduce Recycle...even your fruit!!
Have ever thought what to do with the pulp of your home-made fruit/veggie juice??well...instead of throwing it away (what a waste...) you can use it in your face as a facial mask!!yay!

What will you need?
1.Fruit wastes
2.A glass jar
3. Vegetable Oil (Coconut or Olive or Sweet Almond etc..) or honey 

Directions for use:
1.Mix all the ingredients in a small bowl. 
2.Slap it on your face. 
3.Wait 30 minutes with it on,
4.Wash it with warm water.

Et voilá!

Facial masks will helps to:
  • Enhance the temperature of skin;
  • Open the skin's pores;
  • Increase the skin cells' metabolic rate; and,
  • Promote the sweat gland secretion so as to increase the oxygen content in the skin.

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