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A brief story of Facial Masks!

(this is me using a white clay mask and looking buuuuuuuh!)

Brief History of Facial Masks

Facial masks appeared  in Asia, China, Japan, and Egypt where they were already renowned for their rich properties using fresh herbs, fruit, and flower extracts as main ingredients In Europe, other precious ingredients like stones and gems, like Gold and Tourmaline, among others were used by royalties.

There were two the famous individuals who have shaped the world into facial masks are Cleopatra and Yang Gui Fei.

The famous Cleopatra often applied egg white onto her face. This is said to be the origin of facial masking.The egg face mask it is one of the best ways to tighten your skinpores naturally. Egg white masks can provide a temporary tightening of the loose facial skin. 
Cleopatra also loved Aloe Vera extracts and used it as facial masks (and so do we...).
Her even more famous milk baths is then another story...

The Tang Dynasty Royal,Yang Gui Fei(considered as one of the Four Great Beauties in Ancient China) was also a great fan of facial maks! Her masks were made of pearl powder, white jade, ginseng and lotus root starch. It was said that the resulting pearl facial mask can help to whiten the skin and to remove spots and wrinkles. 

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