domingo, 14 de julho de 2013

Summer were are you?At The North Circular?

With all this weird "summer" weather soon we´ll start using gloves in  July and pop out our bikinis in January!
If so,here´s The North Circular, a  Fair Trade collection of knitted wool hats, gloves and  scarves, a company co-founded by famous supermodel and ecologist activist, Lily Cole.
The North Circular donates five per cent of its profits to the Environment Justice Foundation and iis a bit pricy but its surely justified to ensure workers not to be exploited during production
At their website you can even meet the knitters and the sheep that bring you the best organic wooll!
Welll done Lily for getting involved with Eco Fashion and spreading the word because change need to happen!

In 2002, textiles and apparel manufacturing accounted for $400 billion in global exports, representing 6% of world trade and 8% of world trade in manufactured goods. Textiles and apparel exports are equationated with the explotation of workers from developed countries such as ( 2002):Bangladesh: 85.9%,Macau: 84.4%,Cambodia: 72.5%,Pakistan: 72.1%,El Salvador: 60.2%,Mauritius: 56.6%,Sri Lanka: 54.3%,Dominican Republic: 50.9%,Nepal: 48.7%,Tunisia: 42.4%

The explotation of workers from developed countries (like some in Bangladesh that are for example, paid 0,5 cents p/ hour, on a 80 hours work week) is a sad reality that ensures big textile companies to sell really cheap clothing.
This means that if you paid 1,50 euros for a pair of socks,beside of the obvious bad quality material used on its confection,its manufacturing must also have been really,really cheap...

So next time you´ll find a hole in one of your 1,50 euros sock, instead of running to Primark to buy a new pair (we presently think in a very disposable way like "they were so cheap so not worth the sewing work"...well think twice,sit in your couch,put some relaxing music, grab your mother old sewing kit and enjoy a 5 minute sewing moment like in the old ways!

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