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Let It Grow, Plant your Own Vegetables... On your window!

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With our day-to-day run and over-population of urban environments one of the common habits is forgetting the knowledge that many of our parents/grandparents passed down to our days, and that even with the change they made in their way of life they eventually forgot a bit about it, but with a little effort to come back to the surface. What am i talking about? The habit of agriculture!

With the hustle and bustle of our daily lives we often let our food get a bit neglected and we lost a little interest in how the cultivation of the vegetables we consume is made. Do not blame yourself, it happens to everyone, but is in the hands of us all save and create a healthy and chemical-free plantation, with the bonus of still light our porches and windows.

They begin to appear here and there, a vase full with corianders, one bowl filled with lettuce, a balcony with floor covered in dirt or a small backyard (for those lucky enough to have them). And what are they? Nothing more than the urban gardens, small                                                                 plots of land where people cultivate as much vegetables as possible.

Well, over the past few days I've been walking trough the city of Guimarães (Portugal) and I've found some of these examples... Even in my building lives of these examples, a cheerful vase balcony filled with  green and sparkling fresh Coriander.

If you've thought about doing or plan to do something of this kind, don't worry because we have some ideas to give you and some advice to guide you in the world of window-agriculture. You can also follow our Pinterest to find some good examples of this type of cultivation.

So if your main question is: What to Plant? Follow examples but be careful because they vary depending on your area of cultivation.

Small space:
- Coriander
- Salsa
- Lavender
- Lettuce
- Mint
- Cumin
- Chives
- Basil
- Thyme

Increased space:
- Chilli
- Broad beans
- Peppers
- Lentils
- Potatoes

It seems a good idea? Tell us what you think and if you have planted something in your house.

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